Centrotec Centre Pin Centrepin Trotting Reel

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This Classic Centre Pin Reel offers a smooth, friction-free performance. It is lightweight, balanced and allows complete control over your bait.

  • 2 x Japanese Ball Bearings
  • On/Off Ratchet
  • Machined from 6061 aerospace grade bar stock aluminium
  • Extra smooth friction free performance
  • Designed in the
  • Extreme lightweight and perfectly balanced
  • Total control of your bait
  • Line capacity is 275 yards 8 lb line with 50 yards 20 lb backing
  • Weight: 190gms

    Reel Diameter: 122mm, Spool Diamter: 115mm, Arbor Diameter: 95.5mm

    Jeff Woodhouse, former editor and tackle reviewer of Fishingmagic.com recently purchased one from us without our knowledge and sent us this email...

    Having just received one of these centre pin reels I can only say how delighted I am with it. Before we go any further, I bought this reel from Tackle Discounts and received no further discount from them than what any other customer gets! Also, they have promised me nothing for this review.

    I already own an original Arnold Kingpin, which is a fine reel, but a little on the heavy side for trotting a stream all day. I also have a very cheap reel that I reviewed and it was very good for the money you paid, around £30 at the time. What I wanted was something with a little more quality to it and that looked a little smarter.

    So I chose this Centrotec, mostly since I was curious. Despite it's name, there is nothing on the reel at all to identify its brand or who makes it. If you want a clue, take a look at the back of the reel and the positions of the ratchet button and the two screws that hold the spring on the inside of the backplate. Compare the positions of these with reels of another well-known centre pin manufacturer and form your own conclusions. I'll say no more. The design of the reel is quite something with a gunmetal backplate, black spool, and bright polished aluminium bar holding the handles, all of which are anodised. The ratchet button is turned to operate it rather than pushing it to one side, seems familiar to another make of reel! The spool spins on two bearings (as do most centre pin reels these days so not really pins in the old sense, bearings are better in most cases), these are hushly quiet whilst the spool is spinning.

    The only issue I would take up is the weight, which is quoted as 190 grams, but on two sets of very accurate kitchen scales it came out at 231 grams. That's still pretty good at 8¼ounces and much lighter than most. The spool's width is ¾” and standard for a trotting reel holding 50 metres of light, say 0.20 – 0.23mm, line. You don't need any wider unless using much stronger lines. As for the other measurements the reel is standard amongst others of a similar design on the market.

    What I would suggest when you receive one is to allow it to warm up to room temperature first. Tighten the central button on the front of the spool, just finger tight, then slacken off by just 2 or 3 degrees, not much at all. This just allows the spool to spin more freely, but how long it spins for is around 55 seconds, which may improve as the bearings free up.

    Don't measure a reel's performance by how long it spins, that's an old wife's tale and the longer timing can be governed by how heavy the spool is since most of its energy will come from its own weight. Also, slight though it is, wind resistance from the spool's cut-outs and design can reduce the timings A reel is best measured by how easily it gives line to trotting a float in a stream.

    This reel is going to give me a lot of pleasure once the rivers fine down a little. As for longevity, I can see it giving a quite a number of years service and even then, the bearings to fit this are readily available so no worries there. All in all, brilliant value for money, get one today!

    Jeff Woodhouse, former editor and tackle reviewer of Fishingmagic.com
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