Cyprinus™ Siesta Memory Foam 6 Leg Bedchair


BRAND: Cyprinus

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Andrew Kennedy gets his head down to review a bedchair which is ‘better than his bed’

I’m not used to too much luxury when I’m night fishing but I’ve recently been using some Cyprinus™ gear which has really made me wonder why!

Take the Extra Comfy Memory Foam Bedchair for example. This 3-leg model boasts a wealth of features including, as the name suggests, a generous, 2-inch thick memory foam mattress! So intrigued was I by the mattress that I tried it out before I even went fishing by setting it up in the living room! It more than lived up to my expectations in terms of comfort and when the time came I was reluctant to relinquish the bedchair to actually go to bed!

When a night session came around so I could properly put the bedchair to use, I was naturally looking forward to benefiting from this ‘better than my bed’ comfort on the bank; a true first!

The three sets of legs are each equipped with large folding mud feet and every leg is fully adjustable via a friction-lock mechanism, as tends to be found on all quality bedchairs such as this. The head support section has its own set of adjustable legs and the angle can be adjusted through a pair of easy-to-grip hand-wheels. With these features it was easy for me to set up a stable, comfortable base to sleep on.

The next step was to lay the memory foam mattress itself into place. There’s no chance of the mattress slipping off the bedchair thanks to three wide Velcro strips spanning the full width of the underside.

I prefer to lay with a slight upward angle at the head end of a bedchair, rather than a dead-flat one, but most bedchairs and sleeping bags feature a combination of low-friction covering materials and a taught, unforgiving mattress. This often leads to the problem of slipping down the bedchair during the night and many a time I’ve woken up with terrible neck ache because my shoulders have slipped down to the bottom of the slope, leaving my head pointing in a different direction!

Not so with this bedchair. The soft micro-fleece mattress cover combined with the forgiving-but-supportive nature of the memory foam means that once you’re in place and comfy on the bedchair, you’ll stay there. I hadn’t anticipated this benefit of the memory foam, but what a welcome revelation it was!

The only downside to having the memory foam mattress is that it has to be carried separately to the rest of the bedchair because its bulk doesn’t allow the bedchair to fold away correctly if left in situ. If you’re setting up for a lengthy session this won’t matter because the mattress is very light and not that bulky, so it would easily sit on top of everything else on your tackle barrow for easy transport to your peg. If, however, you have a particular session, where additional comfort can be sacrificed to keep weight down, this bedchair can be used without the mattress and is perfectly functional and comfortable without it. If you’re anything like me though, I think that once you’ve tried memory foam, you’ll be reluctant to go back to anything less!

Both aluminium and steel tubing are used in the frame construction to strike the balance between lightness and strength. The mattress is elasticated to the frame all-round, for a fully-sprung effect and the memory foam gives great support.

Elsewhere on the bedchair, Cyprinus™ have taken measures to ensure the product will last. Potential rub-points such as the underside of the outer-mattress, where it overlaps the adjustment wheels, have been reinforced with heavy-duty rubberised material. The outer-mattress itself is generously padded with the same thickness of foam as the main mattress, so this expands the useable width of the bedchair to a very generous 82.5cm / 32.5 inches. It will hold a pretty big fella and is rated to take a maximum weight of over 30 stone!

This is a pure luxury product, which won’t improve your angling skills, but if you’re set up beside a lake for a few nights at a time, the memory foam extra bedchair will certainly help you stay better rested and a better rested angler is a sharper, clearer thinking angler, so it could indirectly help you catch a few more!

I don’t very often have the free time to put in long stints myself, but even I felt the difference that a night on a bedchair of this quality can make.

The dimensions of the bedchair when folded-away are:Width = 80 cm / 31.5”
Depth = 28 cm / 11”
Length = 84 cm / 33”

The dimensions of the mattress when packed-away are:Width = 53.5 cm / 23”
Depth = 15 cm / 6”
Length = 79 cm / 31”

Dimensions of the bed sleeping surface:Length = 213 cm / 84”
Width = 82.5 cm / 32.5”

Max/Min base height off the floor: Min = 30 cm / 12”
Max = 44 cm / 17.5”

Weight of main bed = 10.16 Kg / 22lb 6oz
Weight of mattress = 2.5 Kg / 5lb 8oz

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